“Great price”

Frank and Rick helped me move my furniture from Santa Clara to San Francisco for a great price, and on top of that, their service was amazing.

Packing up your life can be a stressful event, especially the actual big day of moving. You have so many things on your mind: Comcast, PG&E, packing and not forgetting anything, obtaining/ turning in the keys, deposits, leases, coordinating dates between the apartment manager/ movers/the roommate/ work, etc. Don’t forget to throw in the fun factor of San Francisco’s hills, no elevators, and lack of parking.

With all that I had to deal with, it was refreshing to have Frank and Rick there. They both had a great attitude and were able to get the job done quickly and carefully.

Frank was a very genuine, thoughtful, and down to earth guy, so it was a pleasure talking to him during the process. They made it clear that they were there to help me and take care of my belongings. I would definitely use them again for any future moves, and I would absolutely recommend his company.

Jennifer Z.
San Francisco, CA

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