Fast, friendly, affordable. I needed help moving furniture from my third floor apartment to a moving pod and these guys were exactly what I was looking for.

Julie N.
San Francisco, CA

“Great price”

Frank and Rick helped me move my furniture from Santa Clara to San Francisco for a great price, and on top of that, their service was amazing.

Packing up your life can be a stressful event, especially the actual big day of moving. You have so many things on your mind: Comcast, PG&E, packing and not forgetting anything, obtaining/ turning in the keys, deposits, leases, coordinating dates between the apartment manager/ movers/the roommate/ work, etc. Don’t forget to throw in the fun factor of San Francisco’s hills, no elevators, and lack of parking.

With all that I had to deal with, it was refreshing to have Frank and Rick there. They both had a great attitude and were able to get the job done quickly and carefully.

Frank was a very genuine, thoughtful, and down to earth guy, so it was a pleasure talking to him during the process. They made it clear that they were there to help me and take care of my belongings. I would definitely use them again for any future moves, and I would absolutely recommend his company.

Jennifer Z.
San Francisco, CA

“Very nice and helpful”

I hired Frank to unload a truck of boxes & furniture for a 3 bedroom home. Everything went well, and the guys were very nice and helpful, and they confronted steep stairs and some heavy furniture no problem. Everything was done in 4 hours (it was unloading only, no driving) as expected. They were helpful and stuck around to remove boxes and they wanted to be sure we were happy and the job was done.

We are moving some other stuff next month – into an office, and will probably use Frank’s team again.

Josselyn B.
San Mateo, CA

“Arrived on time”

Frank and his crew were fantastic. My boyfriend and I used their services this past weekend for a move from Palo Alto to Menlo park. His crew arrived on time and completed our move in 4.5 hours. They were efficient, friendly and are great at what they do. Their rate is $120/hr and includes 4 men plus 2 trucks as well as disassembly and reassembly of all furniture. I’d recommend Frank’s Delivery Service to anyone in the Bay Area looking for a quality moving crew!

San Mateo, CA

“Frank amazes me”

Frank amazes me. How is it you can find a guy that does great work, quotes you a price fair enough that you know it’s not about haggling or feeling like you may be getting hosed…. but it’s about the relationship, and being able to trust someone because they are a noble, stand up guy who works hard and just wants to make sure you are happy. His prices are better than anyone else’s.. I had to get a mattress moved, and it was the first one that didn’t feel like a rip off. His theory is that if you are happy, you will come back to him. Well, that hypothesis is right because I am going to go back to him…. and this is one of those rare cases a yelp review matters because people need to know… stop your hemming and hawwing, and guessing, and the confounding searching for the best deal:

Frank is it. Thanks Frank!

Tiburon, CA

“Highly Recommended”

Overwhelmed? Over stressed ? Tired ? – I felt all these prior to my move.

Frank and his boys turned it around and made ‘the move’ a lot of fun. Did I say ‘laughing out loud’ yet? exactly all i was doing for the most part :D)

Reasonable rate and they do extra favors for no extra charge – of course I did not abuse that, but most movers will charge you for extra minute they spend doing extra things for you …

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and will use them again on my next move.

Nice L.
San Mateo, CA

“Great customer service”

I was looking for a moving service in my area, and I found Frank’s Delivery Service here on Yelp. They had good reviews, so I figured I’d try them out. Frank is very professional and provided great customer service. They made my move quick and easy and without breaking or scratching anything. The crew was polite and I would use them again, and definitely recommend them to family/friends.
Thank guys!

Tess C.
San Mateo, CA


They made our move to our new home as simple as I could have ever wanted. Hard working, communicative, straight foward, and trustworthy are but a few ways to describe Frank and his gang.

After getting a ridiculous amount of follow up calls from filling out a lead form, the only one who impressd me was Frank. Local guy, great heart, fantastic team, and priced appropriately.

There was nothing cheesy or salesee with Frank. Called him up one night from these reviews on Yelp and knew he was the right choice because he was watching the 49er game like myself. Anybody still cheering for them must be a loyal stand up person.

I would highly recommend Frank’s Delivery Service.

Rick S.
San Mateo, CA

“Great job”

These guys did a great job.

We had to delay a day due to some unforseen circumstances but they showed up the next day on time and with an extra guy.

Guys were friendly, curtious and worked hard. They seemed to care about doing a good job.

I would not hesitate to use Frank and his crew again. I am happy to support a local company.

Caryn N.
San Mateo, CA