“Frank amazes me”

Frank amazes me. How is it you can find a guy that does great work, quotes you a price fair enough that you know it’s not about haggling or feeling like you may be getting hosed…. but it’s about the relationship, and being able to trust someone because they are a noble, stand up guy who works hard and just wants to make sure you are happy. His prices are better than anyone else’s.. I had to get a mattress moved, and it was the first one that didn’t feel like a rip off. His theory is that if you are happy, you will come back to him. Well, that hypothesis is right because I am going to go back to him…. and this is one of those rare cases a yelp review matters because people need to know… stop your hemming and hawwing, and guessing, and the confounding searching for the best deal:

Frank is it. Thanks Frank!

Tiburon, CA

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